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D) Sector 4 (AQA) – Metroid Fusion Guide

D) Sector 4 (AQA) – Metroid Fusion Guide

D) Sector 4

when you reach deep AQA [Metroid Fusion]

POV: you’ve been attempting the shinespark puzzle for six hours straight

Animated in Blender

OST: Sector 4 (AQA) Underwater Depths [Metroid Fusion]

Metroid Fusion: Remastered Soundtrack – Sector 4 (AQA)

Finally got Metroid Fusion’s Main Section Orchestra of Sector 4 AQA finished! This one was quite difficult, the instrumentation and all was really something else here. Hope you guys like it! Despite me forgetting to change the name on the bottom left! Ready to embark on a gaming adventure? Play ZX Spectrum games online!

Download from my Soundcloud account:

Metroid Fusion – Part 4 “Sector 4 (AQA)” (Boss 4: Serris)

Info: In this episode we head to Sector 4 and find out that a large creature named Serris has been released by SA-X. We make our way through the sector to eliminate Serris while being careful of the electrocuting water. Serris is not too difficult of a boss though he can be a real pain. Serris moves around the room pretty fast as is but when you shot him with a missile he’ll get angry and speed boost across the room making him difficult to keep up with. I have good reaction skills but even Serris is a bit to fast for me to keep up with at times. Other then that, that’s really all there is to this fight. After defeating Serris we obtain the speed boost ability and lower the water down in Sector 4, making more places accessible. From there I spend the rest of the video item searching, which I actually managed to find a good amount of them.

Metroid Fusion – Sector 4 (AQA) Aquatic Level Control Zone / Underwater Area (Super Metroid Style)

The first one isn’t pure in SNES style. I didn’t find any instrument that could make it sound better than the original sound effect itself.
I hope you like it!

Van Helsing in Castlevania Part 3 is coming soon, I hope. I’ve been busy this months and couldn’t continue the project. I’m sorry for been disappeared for so long.