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Due for Dragon Amber – Monster Hunter Generations Guide

Due for Dragon Amber – Monster Hunter Generations Guide

Due for Dragon Amber is a 1-Star Quest in Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Generations – Part 1: The Hunt Begins

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You guys know that I would be doing a playthrough of the game and it’s officially out. Guess what that means? It’s hunting time! You don’t have to worry about me covering the tutorials because my focus is to make sure you guys are enjoying it. Believe me, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Every part of this playthrough will feature time codes so that way you can skip to the specific quest you want to see. I figure why not because it’s easier for people. Anyway enjoy because The Hunt Begins. Here, I cover two 1-star quests and at the same time, I needed to de-rust because it’s been a while since I played Monster Hunter. Time I get myself back in the groove.

Quest Time Codes
17:13 – Find the Ferns
34:54 – Due for Dragon Amber

We’ll continue with Rank 1 Quests in the next part.

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Monster Hunter Generations 3DS #2 – Due for Dragon Amber

Monster Hunter Generations 3DS #2

This game is best played with an old school 3DS or 3DS XL with a circle pad pro. My streaming setup doesn’t allow me to use one, but it is so much better with the old school 3ds+circle pad pro. I know that a new 3ds will have less catching but using the nub for the camera sucks.

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MHXX Lets Play Village 1★ Quest – Due for Dragon Amber

Don`t forget your pickaxes, lads :^]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 100% Guide | Due for Dragon Amber | Episode 2

2:38 This is where we unlock the Palico Dojo. Here you can passively increase your Palioces levels and also switch around their Skills and Support Moves. This will be extremely useful later on. You can also access the Palico Dojo through your Chamberlyne.

2:43 Here I hire a 3rd Palico since I will be switching to Prowler mode shortly.

3:22 Switching to Prowler Mode has you play as a Palico which is extremely beneficial on gathering quests since you will have access to unlimited Pickaxes and Bugnets. You also have infinite stamina.