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Driftwood – Fable 3 Guide

Driftwood – Fable 3 Guide

Driftwood is an island area off the coast of Albion. You must complete the Restoration Side Quest in Millfields to open the bridge to Driftwood. To make

Fable 3 : Driftwood Silver Keys Locations

a Quick Video To Show The Locations Of The Silver Keys In Fable 3 Silver Keys in Driftwood.

Fable III Driftwood secret Gold Key Glitch

I came across a Glitchy way of getting the Gold key for people having problems with it, Enjoy.

Fable 3 driftwood rare book

I run around and get all the rare books for you guys. The next videos after the rare books will be the gold key/gold doors. If you guys want videos on the dessert flowers leave comments about it or sent me messages on utube.

Fable 3: All Rare Books Guide | Detailed Walkthrough

Detailed guide on how to obtain all 30 books in Fable 3.
Dweller Camp – 0:00
Mistpeak Valley – 0:33
Brightwall Village – 2:06
Sunset house – 4:35
Mourningwood – 5:07
Bowerstone industrial – 6:46
Millfields – 7:29
Bowerstone Market – 10:18
Bowerstone Old Quarter – 11:15
Bowerstone Castle – 12:34
Silverpines – 13:16
Driftwood – 13:30
City Of Aurora -14:28
Shifting Sands – 15:11
Outro – 18:14